Use an Old Remote to Hide Cash & Keys

Use an Old Remote to Hide Cash & Keys

Taryn Williford
Feb 22, 2012

There are plenty of times you'll need to hide small items around your house—like a key for overnight houseguests or a small wad of emergency cash. Unfortunately, there aren't as many unique places to stash them. The next time you're tempted to leave a key under the doormat, try this trick.

Real Simple (via MSN) suggests using an old remote control to hide small items in and around your house. Just remove the batteries from the battery compartment, then stash your key or cash inside before snapping the battery compartment shut again.

A dusty remote control left on a porch or counter top is a lot less conspicuous than an envelope or one of those terribly unrealistic key-hiding rocks. It's totally free, and available whenever you need it.

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(Image: James Wojcik for Real Simple via MSN)

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