Use Any Headphone With Your iPod Shuffle While Traveling

When you are traveling, it's really useful to be able to use your favorite pair of headphones for your devices. Most people have a few, but it was a bit infuriating to learn that the new iPod Shuffle couldn't be used with those. You needed to use the special ones that came with it. That was really annoying. Thanks to Belkin, you no longer have to worry.

When we are traveling, we like to use one or two pairs of headphones with our gear. Usually, it's an in-ear model as well as a more comfortable over the ear one for long stretches. A lot of people tend to pay more for better sounding headphones. We've used Sennheisers and Shures with a lot of satisfaction. You can hear a lot better and discern a lot more sounds thanks to better earphones. Sure, the new iPod Shuffle is small, but in order to make it that small, they had to make some sacrifices. The most glaring one was that you couldn't use your favorite pair of headphones with it. You had to use Apple ones. That was really annoying. For some people, it was a deal-breaker. Thankfully, Belkin have come out with a Headphone Adapter for the Shuffle, which will enable you to use any headphone with it. It's going to be available at the end of July for $20. Now that is good news for all you iPod Shuffle users.