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Do you have a favorite font? I've always been partial to Century Gothic, and now according to The University of Wisconsin, there's a good reason to like it: it uses less ink. The school previously used Arial for the majority of its communications, but they found that by making the simple switch, they could save up to 30% of its ink usage.

NPR interviewed a professor from the University of Wisconsin who contacted the university IT department upon hearing about Ecofont, a font with tiny holes to reduce ink usage, but after a quick study the computer technicians could do just as well with a font already on their computers: Century Gothic.

The font is a good ink saving option because of its thin profile, however because the letters are wide and sits larger it can also use up more paper. A remedy for this would be to condense the character spacing and reduce the printing margins so more text can print on each page. Also be sure to print in 'draft' mode and double sided to even further reduce ink and paper usage.

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While many people have gone purely paper-free at home and in the office, any little bit can add up, not only for the environment but saving money on ink cartridges as well.

via Lifehacker via NPR

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