Use Cookie Cutters To Carve Your Pumpkins

Modern Parents Messy Kids

Carving knives and small hands aren't the best mix. Instead, for pumpkin carving this year, why not bust out your rubber mallet (you know, that thing you bought for one project and haven't had use for again), and put your cookie cutters to work.

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We stopped in over at Modern Parents Messy Kids where Steph and her kids have been hammering metal cookie cutters into their pumpkins. It's a safe way for kids to participate in decorating their pumpkin and get in some hammering practice at the same time! Don't think you have to use Halloween specific shapes either, put that lion or robot to use.

Find details for this activity on Modern Parents Messy Kids and start digging through your cabinets for all those cookies cutters!

(Image: Modern Parents Messy Kids)

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