Use Milk (Or Yogurt) to Clean Your Skin

Use Milk (Or Yogurt) to Clean Your Skin

Amber Byfield
Mar 4, 2009

03_04_09_milk.jpgSince we're all abuzz about bathrooms this month, let's talk skin care for just a minute. Now here's a market that involves large amounts of processing, packaging, and shipping. Not to mention, natural cleansers can cost upwards of $6 a bottle, and that's on the low end. So what about eliminating the need for a couple of cleansing products and turning to something that most of us have in our refrigerators?

The skin thrives on vitamins A, D, and E--commonly found in milk and yogurt. Yep, it's easy to make your own milk and honey facial soap, or even an oatmeal facial scrub, with things from the cupboard.

When you consider the barrage of greenwashing in the skin care realm (think of how many products tout themselves as natural and have changed their packaging, when upon further inspection there's very little nature involved in the ingredient lists), it's easy to be swept up in buying "all-natural" or "95% natural" skin care products.

After spending more than $30 at the check-out counter last night on natural cosmetics, cleansers, and lotions alone, we had the idea to see if we could make our own. Once those products are all used up, we'll be delving into the recipes on this natural skin care site.

As for how much to make, it's unlikely to find us in the kitchen before every face washing whipping up a new recipe of the cleansers. So we're guessing that if you make a batch that will last a few days or weeks, it would be best kept in the refrigerator and might expire around the time your milk (or yogurt) does.

Have any tips for homemade skin care products? Do share!

Photo by Zsuzsanna Kilián.

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