Use Pink Panel Insulation for Wall Hangings

The New England Southerner

We're always on the lookout for ways to make oversized art on the cheap. Prices for large framed pieces can be sky high and that's not always in the budget. This idea makes good use of panel insulation and would make one heck of a pin board for your home office as well:

We love seeing ideas that make a big impact with resources we can actually track down. Sometimes you see a project on the internet and pieces came from a specialty online store or were local to the area, but not this time. Shannon over at The New England Southerner went to two places, the hardware store and the fabric store. That's it.

These large panels were constructed using large pink sheet insulation with fabric stretched over each. They were created to fill this large hallway space that was in need of something punchy, while still staying within budget.

This would also make a great idea for a home office pin board and would come in at far less than most cork boards you find and would be far more stylish. Plus, it wouldn't scream pin board of messy thoughts and reminders! You can check out more on this idea over at The New England Southerner.

Image: The New England Southerner

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