Use Rain Gutters to Wrangle Under-Desk Wires


Above is the "before" shot of Lifehacker reader Seandavid010's tangled mess of a desk. But he got a new desk and a new outlook on cord management when he decided to use desk-mounted vinyl rain gutters to wrangle his wires. Click through to see the after photos...

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After picking up a new desk at Ikea, Seandavid010 sought out to solve he and his wife's messy cord problem. He vaguely remembered reading about some other troubled aesthetite's rain gutter win in the battle against desk wires and decided to try it himself. After a few home imporvment store purchases that total around $30, he crafted his own cord basin under his desk in around 2 hours.

So what's all tucked in the gutters? Some power strips, a wireless router, a cable modem, usb cables and the power cords for two Macbooks. And it's no longer unsightly and now completely out-of-sight. Check out the Flickr photo album for more shots or the Lifehacker post for a more detailed step-by-step on the project.

Via Lifehacker

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