(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
There are many outdoor items that, although needed as functional parts of our space, aren't always attractive. Hose reels usually fall into that category — although they're needed to keep your line kink free and functioning, most are plastic and a little on the ugly side. So forget new and check out this vintage option instead.

We came across this lovely idea over at Sunset magazine, where 3 vintage spools have been mounted to the exterior of the house for wrapping a hose around. Most likely the spools won't be waterproofed, so you'll want to apply a coat of sealer to the outside before installing.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

This idea feels more rustic than not, but since many of the options at retail are "old world" iron or icky plastic boxes, we're ok with a little vintage, especially outdoors with plants and nature where these wooden spools fit right in.

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(Image: Sunset Magazine)