(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
When we were kids, our folks used the threat of "No TV!" to get our attention and to tackle our chores. Nowadays, kids are tuned in to a different beast: the Internet. Here's an idea we spotted that keeps mom or dad in control of the home network to keep kids accountable for their chores.

We spotted the image below on blogging site Flipmad.com. It looks like some tech-savvy mom or dad decided to make access to their home's wifi contingent on their kids walking the dog and making their beds.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Of course, if your kid is a future computer engineer, she'll figure out that you can re-set the wifi password by tinkering with the router. But in any event, you'll either end up with a kid who always tackles his chores or the next networking wiz kid. Win-win, right?

Would you ever try something like this? Do you know any other clever ways to use technology in parenting and with your kids? Share them in the comments!

(Images: Shuttertsock, undetermined, via: Flipmad.com)