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Are your children cooped up inside, irritated at the bitter cold that has hit recently? Turn it into something positive. The mother and blogger at Montessori Ici blog created a frozen diorama for her two-year-old, and to her surprise, her five and seven-year-olds were just as intrigued, but by different things.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

The littlest was interested in the relationships between mamas and babies, and in learning the names of all the animals. The oldest found his entry point talking about the food chain, as well as the ice itself. When the ice melted from the center sooner than on the surface, what would happen to actual animals in the polar region?

What a great project to do this weekend. And did anyone else think that was a real seal? The animals she used, incidentally, are Schleich.

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(Images: Montessori Ici)