Use Toy Capsules As Curious Wall Decor


We've all lived in places where your landlord tells you that painting or putting nail holes in the wall is off limits. In an effort to still find a fun way to decorate a room, a curious childlike medium was used on these walls. There's no nails, no glue, so how'd they do it? Answers are right this way:

Small toy capsules were used to create this colorful floor to ceiling look. They were opened and then snapped down on fishing line, creating a long string of these little bobbles. Each string was adhered at the top of the wall or ceiling and the rest is history.

You can order bags of these capsules online or simply allow/remind your children to do something with the ones they come across after their raid of the quarter toy machine at the laundromat or bowling alley near you. It's a fun idea and could even be turned into a cool teen photo wall if small pictures were placed inside each one! More on the idea over at Recylart.

(Image: Recylart via Make)

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