Use Your Legos To Build Furniture Too!

Most children when given a big bucket of Legos will build anything from rocket ships to their dream house (usually complete with pool). But what if you just happened to leave the plans for this George Nelson Platform bench laying around? Could you persuade them to build you furniture instead?

Although this bench was built by an adult, we still like the idea of giving kids a goal or new project to create. We can see a nightstands, desk organization cubbies or even lamps and footstools made from everyone's favorite colorful blocks.

Make sure to check out the super-fine handiwork that went on to create the bench above over at CasaSugar, it's a great project and supreme inspiration to make something out of nothing and be a little different in life. It's a great lesson for kids and hey, you might even get a new coffee table out of the deal!

(via: CasaSugar)
(Image: Casa Sugar)

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