Before & After: This Organized Wall Storage is a DIY Dream

Before & After: This Organized Wall Storage is a DIY Dream

Eileen's overflowing closet was becoming a problem. Rather than digging around for what she needed she was ignoring the space completely, heralding the need for a serious change.

From Eileen: Prior to this project, we had an overstuffed closet - a dresser, multiple plastic drawers organizers, and a cart. The closet will filled to the brim, and it was difficult to find anything I was looking for.

When it became easier to buy something new rather than dig through this closet, it was time for a change. When you're quickly shutting the closet doors before something falls out, it's time for a change. I looked at all of the wall space around my desk and thought it could be better utilized into storage. Little did I know that I would empty an entire closet by creating DIY wall storage.

The project took one weekend. Ash and I did it ourselves - installing pegboard, building shelves, and constructing the cubby storage shelves. The cost was $250. We had to adjust the design to allow for some of my more customized items.

I LOVE that we emptied an entire closet! Closet space is so valuable, and I'm happy to have one less overstuffed closet. I also love the ease in which I can access all of my craft and office supplies. I simply turn my chair and can easily grab card stock, envelopes, paint stickers. I love that I can see everything on the cubby shelves and pegboard. No more digging through desk drawers or storage bins to see what color paint I have.

Eileen's words of wisdom: I would definitely recommend using wall space to create more storage. It's a genius idea - and there are so many cheap organizational storage bins, so your things would be on display.

Thank you, Eileen! You can see more on Eileen's blog, Just Measuring Up.

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