Using Art for Interior Inspiration

Using Art for Interior Inspiration

Lindsay Tella
Mar 25, 2013

Artwork has the power to evoke emotion, as do the spaces in which we live. Your home is your own blank canvas for design and an opportunity to play with form, shape and color to produce a feeling. 

These pairings shed light on the concept of art as inspiration — in a whimsical kitchen, a dramatic workspace or an ethereal bedroom. 

The energy of a workspace is very different from that of a bedroom. In this case, the clean lines and simple forms produced in the zebra photograph are very different from the soft shapes and gradients of the watercolor painting shown below. Applying the art inspiration to both interiors, the workspace is sharp and dramatic while the bedroom is grand, yet soothing. 

Whether you've just moved or you're simply in a decorating rut and ready to revise your space, start with a work of art and use it as a guide. Maybe it's a favorite photograph that brings a  smile to your face every time you see it, or a painting that gives you hope or motivation. Use it to inspire a feeling in your own space. 

Interior design is the art of our everyday lives. The way you decorate your space is directly correlated to the way you feel at home. What will you create?

Pictured above:
1. Art: Fabs by Joel Penkman, Interior: Planete Deco

2. Art: Pjatteryd from IKEA, Interior: Emmas Design Blogg, photo by Nina Holst

3. Art: Seven Whales Stacked by Unitedthread, Interior: Riazzoli

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