Inspiration: Using Color In Unexpected Places

Color can be used most anywhere in your home, but in Grand Rapids Michigan, at the home of the Zohreh Daly, color is being used where most people wouldn't think. The threshold. Click through the jump for tips on doing this look yourself and a few more photos of her colorful interior.

Zohreh gave us a few pointers on the precision painting of the letters on her threshold. "It's really easy! Just print out your name in a large font on regular paper. Shade the back of the page with a soft pencil (like a 4B). Flip onto whatever you want to paint. Trace. Take small brush and paint in letters. Let dry. Clean pencil off. Easy!"

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The choices of accessories, flowers and color of furniture play nicely off each other in this easy-on-the-eyes dining room.

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Her living room has neutral walls which allow the furniture to be the focal points in the room.

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The vibrant colors are continued outside on the sun porch, an area often forgot about. But not here, this porch would be a great place to hang out and enjoy the fall weather.

Thanks Zohreh for sharing your hard work with us!

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