Using Lockers as Baby Closet

Reader Project

So maybe the perfect room for the nursery doesn't have a closet? That didn't stop reader Jaime from making use of these vintage lockers as baby's closet. Jump below to see how she organized them on the inside.

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Jaime tells us: my husband and I couldn't agree on chest of drawers vs. armoire (we have no closet in the baby room) so we came up with this.... vintage WWII Marine lockers ($100 on Craigslist) that I then had powder-coated. I then built pine shelving and closet rods for them to store all the clothes and such.

IKEA now sells white lockers for $100 which you could do the same with... but these are very, very durable, total cost around $350 for materials, powder-coating, lockers, fixtures, and delivery.

We love the look. Great job, Jaime!