Imagine you're dropped into a brand new city, left to your own devices, and you have about three hours to explore. That's sort of what happened to me last week while in San Francisco, when after a business trip, I had several hours before going to the airport. What to do? I consulted the Apartment Therapy Design Lover's Guide to San Francisco, of course, and ended up at Heath Ceramics and Blue Bottle Coffee!

Although I didn't have time to get to the home base of Heath Ceramics in the Ferry Building in Sausalito, I did have enough time to venture to the Mission District to visit Heath Ceramics and Blue Bottle Coffee on 18th: an amazing one-stop-shop for modern ceramics, housewares, and goodies, and a perfect cup of coffee (and that's coming from a snobby Seattleite!).

The photos speak for themselves as descriptions of the clean, natural, and unexpected design for this space. Connected by a factory space, Heath Ceramics and Blue Bottle Coffee are fresh, open and inspiring. The Heath timeline wall in the Blue Bottle seating area illustrates the company's changing design through time. I probably could have sat there and taken notes the entire time.

Even if you don't have the funds to buy anything, the space itself is a must-see. Don't miss the walls of Heath Tile, kitchen space, and Heath mascot, 11-year-old Carlo the Newfoundland (follow him on Instagram at @carlothenewf)!

(Images: Andie Powers)