Using Your Imagination While Apartment Hunting

Using Your Imagination While Apartment Hunting

Meg Lewis
Aug 18, 2011

We've all looked at some nasty apartments. Those where the tenants left the sink filled with dirty dishes and the bed unmade. Should this influence our decision when on the hunt for apartments? Or should we simply just be imaginative and think of the apartment without all of the junk?

I suppose it depends on your personality. Throughout the past two weeks I've been searching for apartments online in another state. It's been difficult to say the least. I finally came across what seemed to be the perfect place for me and my little family. However, the person had completely covered the windows in bed sheets, had dirty laundry spread throughout the bedroom, and had a ton of dirty dishes all over the kitchen. Although I'm sure that statistically most apartments rent faster when they are "photo ready", but I don't mind using my imagination. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of transforming a place from dingy hell hole to a lovely dwelling for me and the family. However, my man can't do the same. He chooses to focus on the garbage and junk and cannot see the beautiful crown molding and the charming sunroom.

Have you ever been forced to use your imagination while apartment hunting? Or do you simply just choose something that is presentation perfect?

Image: Flickr user Idovermani, licensed for use by Creative Commons

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