Moderne Wood Animals by uusi

Moderne Wood Animals by uusi

Sunday's Chicago Tribune Home Magazine featured the home of Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits, the designers behind uusi. The gorgeous pictorial piqued my interest and led me to check out their work. These Moderne Wood Animals would be perfectly at home in the living room or a child's room.

The menagerie is crafted from American black walnut and white oak veneer that's finished with mineral oil. Each animal is unique, constructed with close attention to the wood grain's relationship to the form, consisting of slotted parts that are pieced together. The bull, bear and horse were inspired by 30,000 year old cave paintings. The animals run 3.5-10" in height and are on sale at DWR, $40-53.

Take a peek at the Trib home piece on the uusi blog and see more of Peter and Linnea's house at Design*Sponge.

(Image: DWR)

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