VAF Soundwall

VAF Soundwall

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 21, 2007

In wall speakers are nothing new and can be found from many different manufacturers in varying configurations and styles. VAF from Australia however brings a slightly different spin to the wall speaker solution with their Soundwall. Composed of a speaker module, bass module and acoustic treatment module (aka fabric covering), one would hang the soundwall either with a TV as a surround sound setup or on its own as a hidden speaker setup.

So, why use the soundwall if there is likely a suitable in wall speaker out there?

• Doesn't require a cavity to be cut into the wall to house a speaker

• Possibility to adjust the speaker location if sound imaging is off after you set up your room. In wall speakers can't be moved, once they are in you either love the sound or you don't

• Customizable covers can mimic a painting, mural or other art piece while still providing the ability for sound transmission (unlinke an oil painting over an in wall speaker)

Why wouldn't we use the soundwall? Probably way more money than we are willing to spend for speakers (although the website doesn't state prices). On the other hand, if price isn't as much of an issue for you and the additional architectural detail on your wall is what you are looking for, then this might be the speaker for you.


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