Velocity Art and Design's Seattle showroom always has an amazing selection of furniture, but we had yet to look to them to fulfill our art and music fixes - until today, that is. The company has paired up with Kansas City-based print designers Vahalla Studios to bring a selection of their rockin' show posters to the masses...

Featured artists include The Shins, Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse and those seen above. Priced at $30 and under, they're both an affordable addition to your walls and a fitting tribute to your favorite band. For more information on Vahalla Studios, click here.

From above:

  1. Feist at Starlight Theater, $30

  2. Vampire Weekend mirror print, $20

  3. The Decemberists robot print, $20

  4. The Cure at Starlight Theater, $20

  5. Arcade Fire at Starlight Theater, $20