The Best Chicken Pot Pie
(Image credit: Henry Chen)

Valentina Rice was one of our three December Pitch Presenters. We have long though that Many Kitchens just might have the best gourmet food on the internet, but now that we have met Valentina, we know there's nothing sweeter. Click above to see more of what Many Kitchens has to offer, (including THE PERFECT glazed ham) and below for Valentina's video and bio. Click here for upcoming Design Evening details...

Guest: Valentina Rice
Company: Many Kitchens
Hometown: NYC

About: "Many Kitchens is a curated online marketplace for artisanal foods. We strive to bring together a community of people who care deeply about where and how their food is made and to introduce them to producers of local, sustainable, and always scrumptious food. Our goals are simple: to allow our producers to grow their business while keeping focus on the creation of delicious food and handcrafted kitchen essentials. Just as important, we aim to select the best gourmet products available for our customers while offering rich media to enhance the experience on our site. From recipes to food excursions, we want our customers to live the full journey from farm to fork."