Valentine Card Download from A Fanciful Twist

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We remember Valentine's Day as being quite stressful as a kid. We were required to exchange cards with every classmate in the adults' efforts to spare kids' feelings, but we still scoured each Valentine for clues - why did he pick this card for us? how did he sign his name? did he fling it on our desk or hand it to us personally? What does it all mean!

Picking out cards was stressful, too - wandering the aisles of Fay's Drugstore, filled mostly with boxes of small Disney-themed cards, hoping and praying another classmates wouldn't choose the exact same cards.

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This year why not print out some unique cards for free online and let your kids cut them out? If you have fancy scallop-edged scissors - even better. A Fanciful Twist is providing a set of Valentine's for free download on her website. They're mushroom themed so it's pretty likely they'll stand out from the crowd.

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