Vanessa Von Hessert
Jill Slater
Sep 12, 2008
>> Enter Gallery of Vanessa's Slides Vanessa Von Hessert is the last of our profiles from last thursday's meetup. Vanessa, a furniture designer in training, was kind enough to share with us one of her latest innovations in pet furniture design. Formerly a web designer, Vanessa has chosen to dedicate herself to learning the art of furniture design. Her home hosts a few of her earlier projects, (stay tuned for a house tour later this month) but most recently she has turned her attention to accommodating her two cats... >> Enter Gallery of Vanessa's Slides These two shelves were originally meant as resting spots. Only after installed, did Vanessa realize that they would love to eat up there. In her next iteration of this piece, she would like to have a built in food dish holder. >> Enter Gallery of Vanessa's Slides
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