Vanessa's Fabulous and Thrifty (Under $150) Guest Bedroom

Vanessa's Fabulous and Thrifty (Under $150) Guest Bedroom

Nora Taylor
Feb 20, 2016
(Image credit: Submitted by Vanessa )

Name & Location: Vanessa in Lynchburg, Virginia
My Favorite Room: Guest Bedroom
Specs: 120 square feet

We live in a ranch home in central Virginia and have made it our own in the last year and a half of marriage. The guest room was a huge priority to us but we did not have much in the way of a budget. That was no problem. If there is one thing I can do, it is to use my imagination to create things that I cannot afford. I eagerly took on the project for the guest room.

(Image credit: Submitted by Vanessa )

We started out with just the bed and added decor slowly. I call my style "French cottage with classic lines." The little foot bench and the sewing machine end table were purchased at a thrift store The little dresser with the drawer that transforms into a desk is one of my favorite items in this room. I got it from friends who were selling their parent’s estate.

(Image credit: Submitted by Vanessa )
(Image credit: Submitted by Vanessa )

The room is small and so I had to be careful not to overwhelm it. There are so many thrifted items in this room that I am convinced that the secret to creating a budget-friendly space for your guests is to prioritize the bedding and to craft everything else. Although I prioritized the bedding, I was still able keep it budget-happy by purchasing those things brand new at yard sales. I made the duvet cover for the comforter out of two sheets. The throw pillow is made from drop cloth. The total price of doing this room was approximately $150.

(Image credit: Submitted by Vanessa )


  • Bed: Already owned
  • Throw pillow: DIY for maybe $3
  • Duvet cover: $10
  • Foot bench: $12 (goodwill)
  • Dresser with Built in desk: $15 (yard sale)
  • Cotton Sheets: $30 from Ross
  • Gray and white shams: $10 from (TJ maxx)
  • White cotton pillow cases: $6 (Ross)
  • Comforter: $10 (brand new in package at yard sale)
  • Bed Skirt: $5 (new from nice consignment shop)
  • Quilt: Wedding present
  • Lamp: $3 (Goodwill)
  • Lampshade: $2 (Goodwill)
  • Small mirror and frame: $5 (yard sale)
  • White nightstand: gift
  • Bicycle basket: gift
  • Sewing machine nightstand: $5 (thrift store)
  • Bottles: yard sale: $.50 (Goodwill)
  • Basket: $10 (Homegoods)
  • Cheval Mirror: Gift from sister in law
  • Shelf: free
  • Curtains: Already had from IKEA
  • Chair: already owned

Total: $148.5

Thanks, Vanessa! You can see more of Vanessa's work on her blog Vanessa's Modern Vintage Home.

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