We've written before of our love for the classic French bistro table. It's simple, compact, and timeless. As one of those forms that's stamped in our collective furniture memory, the bistro table has been a take-off point for a number of contemporary designers, from big names like Philippe Starck to mass-market companies like West Elm. Here are just a few, widely variant styles.

  1. This Tripod Table at West Elm ($199) is styled to look contemporary, with angled legs and a glossy lacquer finish in saffron, chocolate, or white.
  2. John Brauer designed this Illusion Table ($450) to look like a cafe table draped in a white cloth. The design is made from 4 mm acrylic, and each one has unique folds.
  3. Noguchi's Cyclone Table, produced by Knoll and starting around $1,100, is a modernist design that combines a bistro-style small, round tabletop with a criss-crossed metal base.
  4. The Coral Cafe Table by Chris Kabatsi is designed to filter sunlight though it's laser-cut top, drawing intricate shadow patterns on the ground. It starts at $440.
  5. Philippe Starck's Cheap Chic Tables ($420) are a modern take on the traditional bistro table, made from polypropylene tops with a lacquered steel base.