VAST Composite Pavers

We were just introduced to one of the coolest eco-pavers on the scene — VAST Composite Pavers. They look like bricks, but they're actually made of recycled tires and plastic containers...

VAST pavers are made from 95% recycled materials, primarily scrap tires and recycled plastics. They are manufactured using a zero-scrap, zero-pollution process, and all pavers can be removed and recycled into new pavers.

In addition to their standard paver, VAST offers a permeable paver, which allows water to infiltrate through the paver and into the ground to reduce storm water run-off. VAST pavers work for a number of installation types such as driveways, patios, sidewalks, pool areas, and parking areas. There's also Composite Deck Pavers, which are a thin version that can be installed on decks and rooftop patios.

At just one-third the weight of concrete pavers, VAST pavers are easier to install because of their light weight and their unique grid system. Check out the VAST website for more info.