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New York, NY
United States
What do you love about your bedroom?:
Living in a two bedroom apartment converted into three in New York City doesn’t leave a lot of common living area to display and store items. Although my room is small, I get a lot of utility out of the space - a place to rest, a place to store, and a place to display artwork and other objects I love.
What are your tips for creating a beautiful, healthy and organized bedroom?
Don’t try to tackle a list of projects at once. I had a list of DIY projects I wanted to accomplish, and I found myself getting frustrated and overwhelmed by all of them. Start with the small stuff and move up. There are still a couple of things I want to do in the space, but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far.
In modern homes, bedrooms have become more than just a place to sleep; they can be a retreat, a home office, a library, a relaxation zone. What are some ways you make the most of your bedroom?
I tend to hoard and refuse to throw things away unless I’ve thought it through, my closet can get a little crowded. I already had one classic dresser and I didn’t want to bring a similar piece of furniture into the room. I now use a TV console I had from an old apartment to store clothing, it adds another shape to the space.
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