Ms. Frandsen's Veggie Treasures: Making Our School Garden Accessible to All

Apartment Therapy + Donors Choose: Ready...Set...Grow!

School: Norterra Canyon Elementary School
City: Phoenix, Arizona
Teacher: Ms. Frandsen

Project: Our school has started a garden to provide students the opportunity to experience the joy of growing vegetables and then donating them to families in need. We want to expand our garden and create an accessible area so that all can participate. 

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My Students: Students in this north Phoenix, A-rated school celebrate Pirate PRIDE: perseverance, respect, integrity, diversity and excellence. Our diverse community embraces students with special needs and people of all cultures and backgrounds. We meet every Friday for a school-wide assembly to honor achievements, tell a few "piratey" jokes and come together as a school. We have an extremely supportive and involved PTSA. We are looking to start a service project that will help students embrace diversity in the surrounding communities.

My Project: Our students will expand a raised bed vegetable garden that was started with a previously funded Donors Choose grant. Once established, we plan to give the vegetables grown to a neighboring school that gives fresh vegetables to families in need. Students will learn to care deeply for the environment and the people that they are helping to feed.

Students will learn how to nurture plants, but most importantly they will develop caring in their own hearts by experiencing the joy of working hard to give to others.

Our expansion project includes four additional beds and an accessible raised bed that will allow our children who use a wheelchair to participate in our gardening project.

Our project is important because all children have a right to access exciting school wide projects. We want to include all children in our garden project. Providing an elevated raised garden bed will allow students in wheelchairs the accessibility to access the garden and fully participate.

We want to expand our garden because so many classes are eager to participate and we would like to involve as many students as possible.

→Donate to Ms. Frandsen's students on Apartment Therapy's Donors Choose page.

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Apartment Therapy + Donors Choose: Ready...Set...Grow!