Velvet Sofas, Club Chairs & More

Velvet Sofas, Club Chairs & More

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 30, 2012

Do you need a red sofa? Well I guess the real question is who doesn't need a red sofa. This one happens to be decked out with velvet and chrome and is just as cute as cute can be. We've never thought about matching our lipstick to our upholstery, but with this piece you could do exactly that.

MILWAUKEE: Dresser for $375
MILWAUKEE: Living Room Set for $700
MILWAUKEE: Round Chair for $90
LINCOLN: Vinyl Sofas for $250
LINCOLN: Church Bench for $125

KANSAS CITY: Fiberglass Chair for $225
KANSAS CITY: Lockers for $100
DETROIT: Sofa for $175
DETROIT: Tulip Set for $350
DETROIT: Coffee Table for $150

DETROIT: Pendants for $95
DETROIT: Orange Chair for $65
DETROIT: Lounge Chair for $90