Versatile Modular Pillow Set

Versatile Modular Pillow Set

Jackie Boucher
Sep 23, 2011

Our eyes lit up when we saw this idea: a set of pillows with buttons and button holes on each corner. Button them all together and you have a kiddie landing pad that can be rolled up for storage. Button them into small bundles and you have series of little seat pillows. We've included a few photos to show you some different configurations. Even just a pile of them would be fun to have in a playroom.

Designer Mela B put this particular set together. We love the mix-and-match quilt work that she's done. She has a number of sets that you can view on her website. Her Soft Symphony Spiral Set is on sale at Etsy for $220.

(Images: Mela B via li'l magoolie)

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