Versatile Vintage: Sewing Machine Tables in Every Room

When I was growing up, my best friend's parents always had an antique Singer sewing table in their office area. We loved crawling under it and playing with the pedals, lacking any kind of appreciation for how cool it is to have a piece like that in your home. And if you think vintage sewing tables only work in eclectic home offices, think again.

Now, long after my play date days, I've spotted sewing tables in modern hallways, artsy bathrooms and retro-cool dining rooms. Once you have a piece like this (try your luck at local antique stores or eBay), you'll want to show it off everywhere.

We're loving sewing tables as...

Hallway Console Tables

Bathroom Vanities

Dining Room Tables

Bedside Tables


Kitchen Islands

Patio Tables & Plant Stands

(Image credits: Not Your Standard; Natsumi Photography ; Diane Sheridan Designs; Sarah Greenman; Dillard Jones Builders; La Belle Vie; Rikki Snyder; Cozy Little House ; Jennie Hunt; Frank Shirley Architects)