Vertical Gardening: 9 Great Vines & Hanging Plants

My city backyard includes two unattractive walls that I'd like to see covered in greenery this summer. I've started some research into plants that will grow up and down to beautify the space, and here are eight options I've found.

1. A little inspiration: a lighted trellis provides support to vines growing on Leah & Matt's Enviable Rooftop Oasis.
2. Vitis vinifera "Purpurea" is a grapevine with, yes, grapes, but its attractive foliage is the real draw.
3. Aristolochia macrophylla, or Dutchman's pipe, is a fast-growing deciduous vine native to the eastern United States, and does well in full sun or partial shade.
4. Another eastern United States native, evergreen Lonicera sempervirens, aka trumpet honeysuckle, attracts hummingbirds. (Beware its invasive relatives.)
5. Passiflora incarnata (purple passionflower), a herbaceous vine, can be found in the southeast United States.

6. Clematis, of which "Nelly Moser" (shown here) is just one of hundreds of varieties, is a popular climber on arbors and mailbox posts.
7. Available in bright green or deep purple, sweet potato vine is a fast-growing hanging plant.
8. As the name suggests, Fuchsia "Lena" produces beautiful trailing flowers in pinky-purples. This showy annual likes humidity.
9. The Boston fern is a classic fixture on Southern US porches.
10. Tuberose begonias are a personal favorite that offer cascading color. They like partial shade.

(Image credits: Leah & Matt's Enviable Rooftop Oasis; Great Plant Picks; White Flower Farm; Sally and Andy Wasowski for the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center; Joseph A. Marcus for the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center; Missouri Botanical Garden; Better Homes and Gardens; Port Kells Nursery; A Brit in TN; Van Meuwen)