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Reno, NV
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
Our home is the perfect blend of cozy and bright and has been a great joy for our growing family. Raising a kids in a small home has brought us closer together and given us the chance to be creative about how we use our space and forced us (in the best of ways) to consider the others in our choices and design.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
Our biggest challenge is how to make our small home multifunctional. We spend a great deal of time at home playing with our two toddlers, but also run a business from the space and use it to entertain adult friends often. We have worked hard to make every room an equally pleasing blend of bright whimsy and classic to allow the space to transition well throughout its many daily roles. As an example, our bright yellow dinning table says, hello morning play date, just as well as it says good afternoon business meeting when adorned with flowers, and when topped with concrete candles transitions seamlessly into a dinner date with friends. A few other helpful ways we have solved this is by moving the kids' play vertical as much as possible -- we use the wall space above their beds for large felt headboards that double as felt play boards. We also designed roll away coffee tables that are a great addition to living room play time and can be quickly rolled under the sofa when not in use.