Video Game Inspired Housewares

Video Game Inspired Housewares

Julienne Lin
Sep 27, 2012

On my latest online shopping discovery, I came across a number of home items inspired by video games and video game design. From soap to a pencil set to baby clothes, here are my favorite video game inspired housewares to show your gamer style at home.

Video Game Controller-Shaped Soap: Probably one of the coolest things I've seen recently, each one of these soap bars has been made to look like a video game controller. My favorite is the very accurate looking PS3 controller. Each soap bar is made with vegan ingredients. These would look pretty awesome inside the bathroom.

Nintendo Print: One of the things we like most about video game inspired design the retro quality. This print of an old school Gameboy is cheerful and a little feminine, which is nice for girls who love games but don't want to make their apartment look masculine.

Video Game Pencil Set: I like to decorate my desk with a set of new pencils in a nice holder or case. It just sets the right "work" mood. This pencil set is engraved with video game "engrish." These are a cute and funny alternative to your classic yellow pencil set.

NES Controller USB: Another fun adaptation of the classic NES controller, this one lets you use one as a USB drive. It's not exactly the most portable USB drive to carry in your pocket, but if you need one that you usually leave at your desk, it could provide for a nice conversation piece.

Mario and Luigi Onesie: Introduce your baby to the world of gaming with these adorable onesies with hand-stitched Mario Brothers hats and moustaches. You can get either Mario, Luigi or a twin set. All materials used to make these are eco-friendly - a definite plus.

The Art of Video Games: Add some retro nerdiness to your coffee table book collection with The Art of Video Games: From Pac-Man to Mass Effect. This book is a testament to the gaming industry's cultural impact and explores how gaming crosses the boundary into culture and art.

(Images: As credited above.)

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