Video Games for the Family

Video Games for the Family

Nov 28, 2007

Now that the whole family can get in on video gaming fun, it's worth mentioning some of the titles out there that are great for bonding over the Wii.

The list of 8 was composed by Yahoo! Video Games, and even though we haven't played them ourselves, we can tell this is a strong list of contenders for the title of family's favorite game.

We're sure our personal favorites would include the Bee Movie Game, and the Lego Game, which includes parts of each of the 6 Lego movies, and, as the review says, "Over 160 playable characters, 42 levels and motion-sensitive lightsaber controls on the Wii version mean it's got outstanding value, and best of all, you won't hurt your foot if you step on Lego Star Wars in the dark."

The list also includes:
• Scene It
• Wii Sports
• Guitar Hero III
• Super Mario Galaxy
• Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
• Zack & Wiki
• SimCity Societies

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