Blogging: David Pogue of the NY Times' "Circuits"

Blogging: David Pogue of the NY Times' "Circuits"

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 26, 2007

For a newspaper that takes itself so seriously, the writer/vlogger David Pogue is decidedly—and refreshingly--unbuttoned.

David features a different technology with each of his vlogs and brings them to the viewer with less than amazing quality, but wins us over with his down-to-earth, tongue-in-cheek humor and truthful reivew of technology and electronics. Even his family occasionally gets into the act to help him make his point (see his vlog on GPS-enabled cell phones meant for parents to track kids).

We've embedded his "Fewer Excuses for Not Doing a PC Backup/experiencing vloggings on You Tube" entry for you after the jump.

Search for David's vlogs on You Tube and check out his past entries on topics such as portable internet phones, or voice mail options. We also love the entry on comparing the "original" Vista to OS X.

The background music is a overbearing and pretty unnecessary, though it's a small price to pay for humor and a good review.


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