Vintage Furniture in the Bathroom

If your bathroom is the old-school kind that is lacking in storage, but not in square footage, a vintage cabinet or dresser might be the perfect solution for you. It's a great way to add texture and interest to your bathroom, as well as a place to stash your stuff. Read on for some of our favorite examples.

Alternatively, if you're building, and you really love the look, you could have your architect design your bathroom with space for a dresser or cabinets, for instant vintage charm.

Above: an extra large cabinet in this bathroom makes for a cool, vintage apothecary look. From Living Etc.

A dresser situated under a window is the perfect place to stash towels and toiletries. Lonny via Elegant Abode.

Vintage-style sinks often don't provide a lot of counter space β€” that's where a chest like this one can come in handy. From House to Home.

If there's room for a wardrobe in the bathroom β€” why not? Mohon Imber Interiors via Arquitetura do Imovel.

This baby card catalog would be a perfect place to stash makeup and other sundries. From Desire to Inspire.

A vintage piece adds a little extra warmth and texture to a white bathroom. From Lonny.

Ron added a vintage etagere for storage in the bathroom of his Hollywood home.

And finally, here's a novel idea β€” vintage cabinets in the bathroom. Hanging cabinets up high leaves floor space free, keeping the bathroom feeling spacious. And the warm wood of these cabinets is the perfect antidote to all those sleek finishes. Spotted on Desire to Inspire.

(Image credits: Living Etc; Lonny; House to Home; Mohon Imber Interiors; Desire to Inspire; Lonny; Marcia Prentice; Desire to Inspire)