Drenched in Color: A Brave & Joyful Rental Transformation

Drenched in Color: A Brave & Joyful Rental Transformation

Doug Meyer's apartment is covered in 2,398 sheets of paper that he mounted by hand with the help of his brother Gene Meyer.

Even as a renter, Doug Meyer is not afraid of color. His New York City apartment on the West Side has been painted wall to wall and floor to ceiling in the kind of bright hues most home dwellers would only dream of. The interior designer is not only bold but also restless.

Last summer with the help of his brother and design partner Gene Meyer, he dreamed up a way to add more color to his home using a truly inspired take on traditional wallpaper. His bold use of 21 colors (edited down from an original 61) as a renter, has me dreaming and scheming a way to add some punch to my home.

"...together they began papering over Doug's bedroom walls with colored sheets of 8½-by-11-inch paper, each digitally printed with one of 223 designs. "The idea was a riff on early wallpapers from the 1400s, which were actually small squares of paper printed with wood blocks," Gene explains."

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(Images: Floto + Warner | New York Magazine)

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