Vintage Smokey the Bear Posters

Vintage Smokey the Bear Posters

Amy Azzarito
Jun 15, 2009

I like to supplement my art collection with the occasional poster. But I have a confession. I got burned on the Keep Calm posters. I ordered my Keep Calm poster from the originating bookstore in the U.K. for £2. I don't want to dwell on it, but they were definitely over-saturated in the design blog world. So when I was looking for a poster to replace Keep Calm. I decided to go vintage.

Smokey's Wildflowers - "Why be careful with fire in the forest? Pick a reason"

I was tipped off to the posters created by the National Association of State Foresters by one of my favorite poster hounds, Maquette. Tim Nix has them all. I was fascinated by Smokey the Bear commercials when I was a kid, and I loved how each poster has it's own saying. I kept my eyes open on craigslist and ebay. Finally, I found a guy with a Smokey poster collection on Craigslist, who agreed to ship me the Baby Animal poster. For $15, I became the proud owner of a Smokey the Bear poster.

Smokey's Fish - "Forest fires catch fish, too"

Do you have any posters in your home? Let's hear about them!

Smokey's Insects - "The forest belongs to every living thing"

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