(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Oh man, tell me you don't love the industrial charm of these vintage truck lights?

We spotted this convoy over at Modern Anthology. After discovering they carried a $350 price tag, we were a little crestfallen. But then I remembered a steel toy fire engine I happened upon on a recent thrift store outing. It had seen better days. There were some significant dents and major rust issues. To say it didn’t roll so well would be an understatement, and I couldn’t see myself bringing home something so big with such little play value. But of course I hadn’t seen its hidden potential to become an amusing lamp, with a pendant light cord hanging from its extendable ladder.

If you’re willing to shell out the greenbacks, these vintage truck lights are pretty awesome. But then again what a great DIY project to resurrect an otherwise nonfunctional toy that might be collecting dust in an attic somewhere.

(Image: Modern Anthology)