Vinyl Silhouettes

Vinyl Silhouettes are sort of like a trend mashup as both vinyl decals and silhouettes have enjoyed bursts of popularity the past few years. The nice thing about them is that they are customized photographs of your kids.

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Vinyl Silhouettes will create what they liken to a "high quality ultra-thin sticker" that you can apply (and remove without harm to the surface) to walls, furniture or whatever you fancy. Though they do have some pre-made graphics, they specialize in custom silhouettes - head profile, half or full body or more than one person (and pets!).

We think kids would really get a kick out of seeing themselves up on the wall like this. We like the idea of using real frames around them and treating them like an old-fashioned silhouette. For some good ideas, you can see how some customers have used them in their own homes.

(Via Laissez Faire Design)

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