Violet's Maine Charmer

My Room

Name: Violet (1 month)
Location: Topsham, ME

We had at least a dozen different colors on the wall of the nursery, in our (rented) turn-of-the-century farmhouse in Maine. Though we were nervous that painting our new baby girl's room pink meant that she would never become a scientist, more modern colors just didn't feel right with the wide knotty pine floors and the chair rail we installed to separate color.

This room is still a work-in-progress, but we feel like we have gotten a good start for someone who's only a few weeks old. As freelancers, the furnishings in this room reflect the variable paychecks we receive from week to week. Bigger clients mean we can spring for the Pottery Barn crib, while leaner weeks mean shelving from Ikea. The rocking chair belonged to my wife's grandfather, and the antique metal horse was mine when I was a little boy.

Thanks Malcolm! Readers, say hello at From Away: Cooking & Eating in Maine.

(Images: Malcolm Bedell)


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