Violet's Maximized Space

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Name: Violet
Location: Delta, BC, Canada

When we moved from a three bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment we were hell-bent on maximizing space! We love minimal Mid-Century modern style, but kids love clutter, so we tried to strike a balance by including lots of storage while maximizing floor space. 

Ryan designed a built-in full size loft bed which takes full advantage of the 12' ceiling. The bed is seven feet high and has plenty of clearance underneath for fully grown adults, and the stairs double as drawers and cabinets all with soft close hinges. There is lots of natural light and great places to hang art like the 3'x4' princess bubblegum painting by Barbe Martel. 

The vintage teak desk and fibreglass chair is an excellent art station for our daughter who loves to draw and paint, and the stark white palette gives a gallery feel to the space while remaining warm and comfortable.

Thanks, Lindsay and Ryan!

(Images: Lindsay and Ryan D.)


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