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Dept. of Tourism. We went down to La Brea Avenue and checked out some stores. This was one that no one mentioned, but which we thought was super cool in a high end, LA way: Vioski.

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Walking in out of the late afternoon sun, we met the owners: Doug DeSantis and Vioski himself, who was laying on the floor checking out a detail on one of his tables. Very laid back. Nice guys. They opened the store just last year, and it is beautiful.

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Billed as "furniture, lighting, carpets and accessories," this is an LA take on the type of soft, organic modern we see at BDDW and the better Italian designers. We loved the shapes, colors and proportions, and were especially drawn to the mini sofa ($2440), the generous Manhattan bed ($3764) and the hip blue chair in the window ($2064).

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While we imagine we would have to be a movie director with an airy hillside pad to fit in with this stuff, we're willing to try. (Website coming) MGR

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