Vipp Towels

Vipp Towels

Janel Laban
Mar 9, 2007

Vipp is expanding their line. The maker of top of the line trash bins have added something soft to their line of home goods.

The towels are a bamboo/cotton blend. The bamboo fibers lend absorbency and the cotton makes the towels strong and long lasting. Available in three sizes, they have a silicone strap attached to hang it up.

Vipp is known for the high quality of its products - we are happy to see them branching out to the towels and these other products for the bath: a soap dispenser and toilet brush, although we think the prices are stratospheric for the dispenser and brush.

The towels are priced a bit more realistically at $20.-60., and we really have noticed that putting extra dollars into towels makes a huge difference in their lifespan. Towels are hard-use items, lots of washing involved. We'd rather buy really good towels and have them last for years then have to replace worn out ones more frequently.

Available in black, white, cream and grey at fitzsu society.

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