Viveca's "Warm & Spicy" Kitchen

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Saint Louis, MO
Inspiration for my palette:
My first "grown up" dishes were chartreuse Fiesta Ware. 10+ years later I still love them, but a whole kitchen that color would be a bit much (even for me). Besides, I wanted a warm kitchen/dining area and went with a rich paprika. I love how the unexpected wall color contrasts with the green accents; in addition to the dishes is an apple green mixer and our oven (which we had custom painted by an auto body shop!)
Colors used in my room
Paprika, chartreuse, greys and natural woods
Tips for using color successfully
I just don't think you can go wrong if you start with something you really love. That way, even if it's not everybody's taste, you'll be happy with the results. After all, it's your place so if you love it that's all that matters!
Warm & Spicy

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