Vote: New Entries for Friday 9.13.13

Room for Color Contest

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  • Warm: Irina's "Opposites Attract" Room
  • International: Mihaela's "Grenadine & White" Room
  • Light: Albert & Katy's "Modern Mix" Room
  • Light: Sarah's "Fresh Produce" Room
  • Warm: Vicari's "Cheers" Room
  • Cool: Amy's "Darjeeling Inspired" Room
  • Light: Sarah's "Sunshine Bright" Room
  • Light: Jessica's "Happy Modern" Room

  • Room for Color entries are pouring in and all those room owners want to be one of your favorites so they can move on to the finals. Remember, you can "favorite" as many rooms as you like during this round, so dive right in and find all the ones you like!

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