Vote: New Entries for Monday 4.16.2012

Small Cool Contest

Who has the smallest coolest home? It's up to you to decide. Click through to check out today's entries and then vote for your favorites.

• Teeny-Tiny: Medo's Boutique Hotel Style
• Small: Emily's Underdog Story
• Teeny-Tiny: Mia's Just the Right Size
• Little: Faye's All the Trimmings
• Small: Trina's Fresh Perspective

• Tiny: Liz's First Love
• Little: Isobel's Creativity on the Walls
• Little: Lily's Custom Design
• Tiny: Fran's Beautiful Structure
• Teeny-Tiny: Katherine's Lovely Light

• Little: Jess' Charming Character
• Tiny: Rodelee's Pretty Little Dwelling