Vote: New Entries for Tuesday 4.24.12

Small Cool Contest

Who has the smallest coolest home? It's up to you to decide. Click through to check out today's entries and then vote for your favorites.

• Tiny: Nico's Making It Work
• Tiny: Sarah's Creative Changes
• Tiny: Sarah's Attic Abode
• Little: Kristina's Handmade Style
• Teeny-Tiny: Bryan's Sunny Studio
• Tiny: Jarrett's Perfect Fit
• Tiny: Heather's Pocket Skyline View
• Little: Mishka's Calm & Airy
• Tiny: Polsia's Beautiful Brownstone
• Small: Jenika's Uninterrupted Flow
• Tiny: Sophia's Antique Treasures
• Little: Kay's Fun & Functional